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"java compiler"

Posted by richard [rpoteat@quicklearnigschool.com] on at 08:08 PM
just checked the link in the programmer's guide for the java compiler, unfortunatlly, sun has moved the file due to a new update (or something to that effect).

please let me know which file i'll need to create java apps for utest (i do have a program called java cafe 4.0, would that do the same as the compiler?)

once again, all help is appreciated, and bill i'll probably owe you & your family dinner once the program goes gold ^_^


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"RE: java compiler"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:54 AM
You should be able to use Java Visual Cafe to create/compile new Applets that interface with uTest ... but you'll probably just have to set Visual Cafe's "CLASSPATH" setting such that it also includes directory where your uTest "class" files are located. (ie. Add the path to the uTest "classes" directory to the Visual Cafe's CLASSPATH setting. This will allow Visual Cafe to find those uTest class files when it tries to compile your new code.)

Or as another option you can download the Java Software Development Kit from Sun's archive directory:


We actually wrote and compiled uTest with the oldest Java version:


... for maximum browser compatibility. That older version of Java also results in fewer compiled class files which makes it easier to maintain and more efficient for use on Web Sites.

(Eventually, however, we will move up to a later version of Java ourselves and put all of the class files in a single ".jar" file... but that will be after the majority of browser are using a later Java Virtual Machine and the majority of internet connections can download single ".jar" files quickly enough.)