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"Help Button on uReserve Page"

Posted by Amy Steinbacher [amy.steinbacher@dgs.state.md.us] on at 03:10 PM
I would like to add a graphic help button to our uReserve site. Can you tell me where in the code I should add it?


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"RE: Help Button on uReserve Page"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 08:00 AM
To add a help button to the uReserve schedule pages, you would want to modify the "display_week_graphical" subroutine. You should be able to recognize where that subroutine outputs the HTML ... so you can add your additional HTML there. Let me know if you need more specific instructions.

Posted by Amy [amy.steinbacher@dgs.state.md.us] on at 01:39 PM
That worked. Thanks for your help!