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"Variable Question.. Please Help"

Posted by Jeff [jolson@victoryenterprises.com] on at 10:07 AM

Im using you r uShop Shopping System and have a variable question. I will explain what I am trying to do as simple as possible.

I need several different options to affect the price. Here is a simplified example:

Product: One-Color Bumper Stickers
Option1: 3x7
Option2: 3.5x11
Option3: 3.75x15
Price: Depends on QTY and Size TOGETHER

I need the price to reflect a price break at different quantities (I can do this fine) but I need/want to have a drop down box with sizes and then a QTY box.

The price for 500 3x7 stickers is different than 500 3.5x11 stickers and there is a price break at different quantities as well.

I hope I didnt over explain this, but I think you get the idea.

Thank you!

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"Re:Variable Question.. Please Help"
Posted by Joseph Pishgar [support@uburst.com] on at 01:08 PM
Hello Jeffrey,

uShop input applet 16 can most probably suit your needs.


I sent you an e-mail with possible applet code included.

At this time, you can't have a qty input box where quantity number is applied to a discount within the applet.
There are several different ways you could do this, although. Just placing more than one applet on the page (for each size) with quantity (5 @ 0$.50 as an example) would simplify things as well.

Hope this helps.

Joseph Pishgar
Support Engineer
Microburst Technologies, Inc.

"Re:Variable Question.. Please Help"
Posted by Jeff [jolson@victoryenterprises.com] on at 01:37 PM
What if they want to order a qty not available in the menu? (5 @ $0.50) what if they want 7?