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"Edit Log"

Posted by Eric J. White [ejwhite@vrinnovations.com] on at 11:39 AM

Think I've found an "undocumented feature" in the software. When I try to edit the log (affiliate tracking screen) it prompts me to put in a properly formatted date. Apparently, when you updated the order numbers with the date, you must have extended the year to 4 characters. Ushop doiesn't like that. You must edit it from "2001" to "01" and then it accepts the order change. Minor bug, FYI next update.

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"RE: Edit Log"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 11:02 PM
That actually sounds kind of familiar. Are you using version 3.4? Let me look and see if we released a fix for that... And if not, we'll try to make one available ASAP.