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"Ushop and MAC os 9.x on a Imac"

Posted by Marcel Emmen [info@emmenmode.nl] on at 10:14 AM
Hi there,

I have been on holiday for 2 weeks in france. There i was trying to access and test my site on a frenchtelecom terminal which was a imac with mac os 9.x the orderbutton was working but after clicking on it the only thing that's happen is that is shows the please wait message but nothing else happens. On my Windows system everything is working and because i have no imac for my own i can test it at home? Is this a know problem with mac?


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"Mac and uShop"
Posted by Joseph Pishgar [support@uburst.com] on at 01:12 PM
The computer you were using may have been using Internet Explorer to browse websites, and we are aware that Mac and IE have problems with uShop.
We're really not going to be able to do anything about Macintosh IE browsers (Netscape on Macs works fine) until the Mac/IE people make a
correction to their Java Virtual Machine that allows "static" class data to be maintained across pages/frames. That is, based on the last testing we did on this (about 3 months ago).... it appeared that Mac IE browsers treated "static" class variables independently on each HTML page/frame.
(uShop uses "static" class data to maintain data and communicate between the various applets on the various pages/frames.) So unless that fundamental principle of maintaining "static" class data across pages/frames is corrected, we can only say that "Macintosh users must us Netscape".

Hope this answers your question.

Joseph Pishgar

"Ushop and MAC os 9.x on a Imac"
Posted by Marcel Emmen [info@emmenmode.nl] on at 03:59 PM
Thanks for clear answer,

I now know wat to answer to people which use a Mac and IE.