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"uShopSearch2.class applet"

Posted by Al Maloney [newaim@midcoast.com] on at 06:50 AM
I am using the search2 applet currently in my store. I have the products separated into several categories to help narrow the search. I have approximately 500 products on the site. My client wants an option to search through all of the products at once so I added a category "All" which includes all 500 products in the text file and also has the word "All" in the keywords. When I select category "All" and search for keyword "All" I am returned 200 selections [Total number of fabric patterns found 200(1)] in lieu of 500 selections. Is there some limit to how many products can be in a single category?

I generate my text files from an access db so I am able to verify that all of the products contain the keyword "all".

Any help would be appreciated.


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"uShopSearch2.class applet"
Posted by Joseph Pishgar [support@uburst.com] on at 11:29 AM
I'm fairly sure that there *is* a limit on the number of listings that can be generated and that is what you are encountering. I'll check to see if there is a workaround available for you or not.

-Joseph Pishgar

"RE: uShopSearch2.class applet"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:12 AM
Yes, the default uShopSearch/uShopBrowse applets are set to show a maximum of 200 products (for performance reasons).... but you can download a set of uShopSearch/uShopBrowse applets that allow up to 1000 products. See the 04/13/2001 posting at:


Posted by Al Maloney [newaim@midcoast.com] on at 05:02 AM
Thanks Bill, that did the trick.