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"Affiliate Not working"

Posted by brgreene [brgreene@carolina.rr.com] on at 06:54 PM
LAST EDITED ON Jun-24-01 AT 07:01 PM (EST)

I can't get the affiliate program to work for https://www.heartlandbraidedrugs.com.

I have reviewed the information in your documents without. I can't get a cookie to even set when I use a image.

IMG SRC="http://www.heartlandbraidedrugs.com/cgi-bin/cookies.cgi?id=TEST" BORDER=0 WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=1 A HREF="http://www.heartlandbraidedrugs.com" IMG SRC="http://www.heartlandbraidedrugs.com/images/pages/rug_button.gif"

I can get the cookie to set when using a text line of:


No reports or sells are being generated. I have placed a test order through http://www.greeneenterprises.com. The cookie is set and I can place a order. The affiliate is not being rewarded the money. The if I come back and try to place a test order when I click the checkout button I get a script error. If I clear the cookies the error goes away.

I had to remove some of the arrows on the about link to picture to get post to show.

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"Re: Affiliate Not Working"
Posted by Joseph Pishgar [support@uburst.com] on at 11:53 AM
Hello Brian,

In the diagnostic test, are the affiliate status indicators showing up as "okay"? If yes, we'll move on from there in identifying your affiliate problem.

Joseph Pishgar

"Diagnostic Okay"
Posted by brgreene [brgreene@carolina.rr.com] on at 02:30 PM
Affiliate is Okay

Affiliate Log does not exist.

""Re: Affiliate Not Working""
Posted by Johnny Quinn [johnny@roadbag.com] on at 03:33 PM
This is the exact same thing that is happening to me, without the script error though. Diagnostics say OK, no log, and cookie not being set. I would love to hear any suggestions that you might have.

"Any Solutions Yet"
Posted by brgreene [brgreene@carolina.rr.com] on at 12:34 PM

Has bill had a chance to look at the affiliate part not workning on www.heartlandbraidedrugs.com?

Everything appeared to be correct in the diagnostic test.

"RE: Affiliate Not working"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 11:08 PM

I took a look at your site and saw that the affiliate cookie is indeed getting set when linking to your site via the URL:


So that's good!

There are two problems, however:

PROBLEM 1) From viewing the source of your first "Review Cart" page... I do not see the HIDDEN "id" field at all. (On the fields that get POSTed from that page, an "id" field should be displayed directly after the SUBMIT/"Continue" button field.) Since that is not displayed on that page... this tells me that you are using an old version of the uShopLibraryJSI class file (probably a version earlier than uShop 3.1). I would suggest making sure you have the latest version of class files from:


... and that you have transferred ALL of them to your server. This should correct your problem.

PROBLEM 2) If getting a more recent version of the uShop class files (as described above) does not resolve your problem... then the problem will be domain name related. That is, cookies can only be read from the same URL that they were set. So since your uShop CGI scripts are installed on the domain "https://mpcinternetworks.com/"... you will also need to install your cookies script there and link through that URL.

But again, try suggestion #1 first and that will probably resolve the problem.