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"Affiliate Cookie Not Being Set"

Posted by Johnny Quinn [johnny@roadbag.com] on at 02:36 PM
I have reviwed all of the information on the link to the page that follows and can still not seem to get the affiliate tracking to work.


When I create the links from an affilate to our site they work just fine. We can place orders just fine. However, credit is not being given to the affiliate. When I run the report it says No Log.

Web site address is - http://www.roadbag.com

We do not have our own secure server as part of the hosting package we have.

Instead, we have use of another secure server.

This is the link to ushop.pl on the secure server:


Any suggestions or advise would be most appreciated.

Thank you for your help.

Johnny Quinn

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"RE: "Affiliate Cookie Not Being Set""
Posted by Johnny Quinn [johnny@roadbag.com] on at 02:38 PM
I missed something. When I use the affiliate link to get to our site and then check my cookies, I do not get one. I have the main one that expires in two years, but I do not get the one that expires in 7 days as part of the affiliates and coupons.


Johnny Quinn