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"Hide ADD button in Applet 7"

Posted by Albert Poon [albertpoon@home.com] on at 09:36 AM

I'm using Version 3.4. Can I hide the Add button in Applet 7?

Also can I move the Current Price field to another place?


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"Re: Hide ADD button in Applet 7"
Posted by Joseph Pishgar [support@uburst.com] on at 11:47 AM
From the preliminary looks of it, I'd have to say no, but Bill might have a workaround.

I'll point him to this.

Joseph Pishgar

"Re: Hide ADD button in Applet 7"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 07:00 AM
That is correct, you can not hide the "Add" button in that applet...because that is what tells uShop that the customer is done selecting his/her options and wants to add the item to the shopping cart. As a work-around, maybe you can just change the label that is displayed on the button. That is, via the applet's "label" parameter, maybe you can set the button's label to something like "Submit" or "Apply" or "Save".

And in regard to changing the location of the current price in that applet... unfortunately, no, there is no way to move that field at this time. If you have some specific display requirements, you may want to consider making your own HTML FORM (that looks however you like)... and then use uShop's JavaScript interface to take the data from the FORM and add it to uShop's shopping cart. See the JavaScript Examples in the uShop Applet Reference:


You may also want to check out the example FORM/JavaScript in the 12/12/2000 posting at: