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"Cart Integration"

Posted by Gordon Houston [the.houstons@ntlworld.com] on at 11:15 AM
Is there code available to integrate the uShop shopping cart with WorldPay ?

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"Re: Cart Integration"
Posted by Joseph Pishgar [support@uburst.com] on at 11:49 AM
In regard to altering the the ushop.pl script to handle additional merchant
processing systems, we have tried to isolate the specific subroutines used
during the order process in order to facilitate the development of
additional interfaces. Our support team and developers would be able to
assist by pointing out the specific subroutines/variables that would
typically need to be modified in order to POST the necessary information
and/or receive the SUCCESS/FAIL response back from the new payment
processing system..... but since each payment processing system is unique in
its own way, a certain level of Perl programming knowledge would be required
on your part.

Otherwise, the regular credit card and electronic check payment options that
are included with uShop (and which don't interface with one of the built-in
payment processing system interfaces) do currently write the payment
information to a file your secure server. From there, the uShop "Order
Reader" utility can be used to securely read the payment details off the
server so that it can be manually process. So see the following URL for an
illustration on how the "Order Reader" works:


.... and perhaps that would meet your needs.

"RE: Cart Integration"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 00:01 AM
uShop does have an interface to ClickPay:


... and according to ClickPay, by default, the ClickPay interface works with WorldPay.

In fact, if you try out the ClickPay demo at:


... you can see that it uses WorldPay.

You may just want to double-check this by contacting "ClickPay".