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"flaging questions"

Posted by rich [rpoteat@quicklearningschool.com] on at 03:54 PM
hate to keep asking questions, but the more i use ustest, the more i try to do with it.

my current question is if there is a way to flag a message during the test to be skipped, and then at the end of the test have a button to return to the skipped/missed questions only (ie: if they already answerd a question, they can use the "back" button to review all the questions, but to just do only the questions they missed, have a different button).

please let me know.


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"RE: flaging questions"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:08 AM
While it is technically possible to accomplish that with uTest now, uTest really wasn't designed to do that... So implementing that at this time, would be rather involved, but in case you want to try it, here is how I would recommended doing it.

STEP 1: Give all of your test's HTML pages predictable names. That is, names that can be determined later based on a question number. For example:

test1.html would have questions 1 - 10
test2.html would have questions 11 - 20
test3.html would have questions 21 - 30

STEP 2: At the end of your test, on the same page as your uTestFinishButton applet, write a JavaScript to loop through all of your test questions and determine the number of each question that has a blank answer.

Note 1: You could use the uTest JavaScript API "getAnswer()" function to check whether each question in your test had a valid answer or not. Refer to the uTest Programmer's Guide for more information about using JavaScript with uTest:


Note 2: Based on the answer numbers that were blank, your JavaScript should be able to determine the HTML page based on your naming convention from STEP 1 above.

Note 3: Your JavaScript can be called automatically via the "onLoad" call on your test's final page.

Note 4: You may need to put your JavaScript in a seperate frame on your test's final page so that it can loop through multiple pages of skipped answers.

So again, while this is technically possible... as you can see, it would take quite a development effort so it may not be worth it at this time. We'll see about what we can do to help simply that in a future release.