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"Earthlink Hosting?"

Posted by Gail [cyberg@ix.netcom.com] on at 06:36 PM
I want to run this on a hosted website through Earthlink. Does anyone know if this has ever been run on that server? Just didn't want to buy it if it is not going to be allowed on their servers.

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"Re: EarthLink Hosting"
Posted by Microburst Suport Team on at 08:17 PM
uReserve's only requirement is that you must be able to install and execute Perl CGI scripts on your server. As a matter of fact, Microburst used to host our site with Mindspring/Earthlink and we were able to run our CGI scripts succesfully.

You just need to make sure that your account is set up to run cgi scripts - Earthlink can help you with this.