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"Whats this symbol?"

Posted by Patrick [kriptap@candw.ky] on at 10:19 AM
First what does this mean and how do I remove it. Its this symbol at the end of all orders "*" as shown below:
PW0001 Silhouette Silhouette Photo 1 $ 9.95*

Lastly in classes/display_cart.html which shows the cart for the last time before moving over to the secure server, the preview paine had to be made smaller to fit in with the navigation, but the column price is to small and the $ and price do not sit next to each other, one is on top of the other. If I could reduce the discription column it would work but I cannot. I can change the columns in cart view but not when I get to this stage.

heres a link to see
http://photosofcayman.com it's still in testing but you'll be able to see.


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"RE: Whats this symbol?"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 11:36 PM
The "*" is displayed next to any items that are marked as "non-taxable". (ie. items where you set the "taxable" parameter to "NO").

As for changing the column widths on that display cart page.... there are only a couple options available at this time:

1) You can modify the "template_cart.html" file (located in your "classes" directory) and increase the TABLE with from WIDTH=595 to something like WIDTH=650.

2) Or if your navigation insists that the "display_cart" page be shown in a small window/frame... then you'll just have to hide one or more of the other columns in the table. This can be done by adjusting the "cart_show..." parameters of your uShopOrderButton applet. For instance, to hide the Description column, you would set the "cart_show_description" parameter to "NO".