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"how do I customize display_cart.html"

Posted by Patrick [kriptap@candw.ky] on at 08:36 AM
I have only just purchased ushop 3 and want to know how to customize display_cart.html in the classes directory. I am using the demo script to familiarize myself with the script. I have customized the rest of the demo but display_cart.html keeps showing up in the original
configuration, there is a page that breifly says "Please wait" then jumps to the review of the cart, well the "please wait" page it the one the gets customized no the cart review page. How do I customize the display_cart.html?


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"Further to my question"
Posted by Patrick [kriptap@candw.ky] on at 08:43 AM
I should have made it a little clearer, the customizing is the background and header, footer etc, not the fields in the applet

"RE: Further to my question"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 09:57 PM
Actually, you can customize the appearance of that first "Review Cart" page by modifying the "template_cart.html" file that is located in your "classes" directory.

See section 7.1.1 in the uShop User's Guide for more information about customizing that page:


Posted by Patrick [kriptap@candw.ky] on at 07:13 AM
Thanks Bill found it, done it.