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"Handling based on subtotal"

Posted by ronharter [rgharter@pacbell.net] on at 08:40 AM
We have a $25.00 minimum order and would like to have the customers who submit an order under $25.00 pay a handling fee to make up the difference. In other words if they placed an order for $20.00 it would add a $5.00 handling fee. If they place an order over $25.00 the handling fee is $0.00.

Even though it plainly states that we have a $25.00 minimum we still get orders for as little as $2.00. Hopefully the customer would add more items rather than pay the handling fee.

Ron Harter

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"RE: Handling based on subtotal"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 11:38 AM
There is now way to configure handling based on subtotal at this time. However, you may be able to setup that calculation as part of the shipping calculation by just shifting the prices in your shipping table accordingly.

"Alternative to handling fee by subtotal"
Posted by ronharter [rgharter@pacbell.net] on at 07:24 AM
Since the handling by subtotal is not possible at this time, I thought of an alternative:

Would it be possible to make it so when the customer presses the continue button on the display_cart.html page that it would check the subtotal amount and if it is under our minimum ($25.00) for us. It would tell them to press the BACK button to continue shopping, and not let them continue, OR warn them that if they do continue they will be charged an additional handling fee to meet the minimum order which will not show up on their order?

Actually we will accept an order for $24.00 as many of our items are $3.00 or $4.00.

Ron Harter

"RE: Alternative to handling fee by subtotal"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 03:10 PM
There is not an easily configurable way to do that at this time, but if was absolutely necessary and you are familiar with Perl, you may want to look into implementing the logic in the "custom_handling" subroutine. That is, all of the common variables (including the subtotal) have been documented at the top of the "custom_handling" subroutine that is located in the "ushop.pl" file. This makes it easy to access those variables and write your custom logic accordingly.

For instance, you might want to add this logic to that "custom_handling" subroutine:

if ($totals_subtotal1 < 25)
&missing_input("Minimum Purchase","Minimum purchase ammount is \$25.");

See the 6.3 in the programmer's guide for some more information:


... And let me know if you need any assistance.