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"NetObjects Fusion"

Posted by Will [koolguy@jps.net] on at 04:32 PM
Does anyone have any tips or how to use UShop with NetObject Fusion 4? I'm thinking of implementing it on a restaurant site.

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Posted by charlie edmunds [cedmunds@uburst.com] on at 06:36 PM

We've had reports of people that have had good luck using the two together. Unfortunately we don't have any experience or insight that we can share with you. Maybe some of the other users have some information.

Charlie Edmunds
Microburst Technologies, Inc.

Posted by will [koolguy@jps.net] on at 10:52 PM
thanks Charlie, if u know of anyone, let me know.

"NOF & uShop"
Posted by Helge Hoeybye Christensen [helge@hoeybye.dk] on at 05:19 AM

I'm about to implement uShop in an NOF site.
And my test site is working very well.

Kind regards

"NOF and uShop"
Posted by Frank Clark [clarktr@clarktradeco.com] on at 00:05 AM
I love using Ushop with NOF....
what works the best is to have my browser open with the applet references along with NOF. after placing the applet I go to the html settings for it - don't try to fool around with typing in each parameter - and using the after the tag I cut and paste the parameters. then change them to my own settings. this seems to work the best.

Posted by Jez [erk@hebes.freeserve.co.uk] on at 00:58 AM
We're using NOF 4 to develop our site at the moment. Because off the limited access to the HTML we found that the best way of incorperating the applets in NOF rather than after local publish which is less satisfactory is to place small place markers (single pixle images for instance) on the page and enter the applet code in the Before tag HTML field for that image.
Seems to work although it is a bit of a bodge.
The site is there in a draft form if you want to have a look:

"NOF and uShop (Piece of Cake!)"
Posted by Bradley Edwards [bedwards@bradedwardsdesigns.com] on at 01:26 AM
Anyone that claims incorporating uShop using NetObjects is difficult, simply is not very familiar with NetObjects. (No Offense People).

In fact, it is very easy to incorporate uShop with NOF. There is 2 different ways of doing it Depending upon your preferences and which version of NOF and uShop you are using.

Since the release of uSop 3.0 there are significant differences in the way you implement the applets for each version. In either case simply open a browser with the applet reference page. This way you can easily find the applet you wish to use, and then copy the code to place in NOF.

Using NOF 4.x / 5.x and uShop 2.x.

Once you have found the applet you want to use, simply select the java button from the "Advanced Tools" toolbar, place the cursor on screen where you want to place the applet, drag to the size you need. You can reference the code for the applet you want to use, this will tell you the size that it should be.

At the very bottom of the NOF window, toward the right side you will see a detail box displaying the size of the object you are currently placing in the layout. Once you release the mouse button, a window will pop up asking for the class file that you want to insert. Simply select the uShop .class file that you want to insert and click "Open". NOF is smart enough to know which other class files are needed and will automatically import them as well. If you need to resize the applet simply click the object handles, and drag to the appropriate size.

Now, if you have the "Properties Palette" window open, click on the "HTML" button under the "General" tab.
If not, right click on the applet and select "Object HTML.." There will be three selections, "Before Tag", "Inside tag" & "After Tag". Paste the code that you copied from the uShop reference page into the "Inside Tag" - Everything up to the last ">" (NOF automacally inserts this). Now all you have to do is edit the paramaters to your product specifications.

Once you are ready to publish your site NOF will automatically publish all required .class files and automatically set the codebase for you. At this piont your cart should be up and running.

I set my site to publish by "Asset Type" and NOF 4.x creates folders for "html" and "assets", inside the "assets" folder you will find folders for "images" and "applets". All of the uShop files will be found in the "applets" folder. In NOF 5.x it does the same thing, except all of the .class files are put into the root directory. It still manages everything for you though.

Using NOF 4.x / 5.x and uShop 3.x.

Prior to uShop 3.x there was no directory structure that was recomended, so it was fairly esy to implement the uShop Cart. With 3.x it a bit more tricky. You can still do it the same as above and NOF will manage all the .class files for you, I tried this first but got tripped up on some things because of the directory structure thing, so here is how I did it with 3.x.

Instead of using the "Advanced Tools" toolbar to insert the java, I simply used a text box for the place holder of the applet. In the "Properties Palette" under the "Text Box" tab, there is a box you can check to lock the height of the box even if you dont have anything in it. Make the box the size of the applet that you want to use then place the cursor in the box as if you were going to type something. In the "Properties Palette" click the "HTML" button or from the "Text" menu at the top, select "Insert HTML". A small window will pop open, simply paste "ALL" of the coding from the reference page into the box. Edit the paramaters for your items and that's it.

For this method NOF does NOT manage the .class files for you. You have simply included the coding for the cart and all that is needed is to upload the "classes" folder to your Website. It is possible to use this method with uShop 2.x also. Everyone has their own prefrences, these are what worked for me.

As I mentioned before, I set the site to publish by "Asset Type" which looks like this:

l-- assets
l l
l l- images (all images)
l-- classes (all uShop class files - uploaded manually)
l-- html (all html pages)
l-- index.html (Home page)

Since the default codebase references "../classes", nothing in the codebase needs to be changed

By using these methods, you should NOT have to modify ANY FILES after you have published your site. ALL HTML editing for the uShop cart will be done in design mode.

If anyone has any questions regarding NOF, feel free to drop me an e-mail. I have been using it since 1.0 so I'm pretty familiar with it.

"RE: NOF and uShop (Piece of Cake!)"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 01:50 PM
Excellent info, Bradley! Thanks!

"RE: "NOF and uShop (Piece of Cake!)""
Posted by Ed Spann [espann@spanntech.com] on at 10:40 PM
Hello, Bradley, I'm trying out UShop trial and it looks like a great shopping cart if I can get it to perform in my NOF 5 sites. I set up the ushop on my local directory and went thru the tutorial and everything worked fine, but, I want to design my sites in NOF (netobjects fusion 5.01) and then add the cart applets, if possible. I'm rather new at all of this, but the first few attempts aren't looking too good. I tried to import the tutotial files into a blank nof site, but the frame problem arose, NOF said it cannot import frames. Do I have to import all the same files into a new site, or will it work if I just "attach" some of the applets to my current sites? And when I copy the html code for the right frame, (the contents.html) I don't see it NOF until I either preview or publish the page. I guess that's ok if that only happens with the contents frame, but I would like to be able to "work" with contents while in nof, but can't since I can't see it.
I guess my first question is how do I start a UShop cart in a blank NOF site, if I can't import the index.html?
Ed Spann