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"Reservations Vanish"

Posted by Jim [jsollows@sd43.bc.ca] on at 07:25 PM
We had our web site run out of allotted disk space. When we resolved the problem and went back into ureserve, it had lost all of it's reservations. All the .txt files were listed and the log file was up to date but none of the reservations would show and if you tried to create new reservations, they too would not show up. Any suggestions?

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"RE: Reservations Vanish"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 04:44 AM
It sounds like maybe the file permissions on your text files may have gotten changed during the disk space problem. I would first suggest doing a chmod 666 on the .txt files (to make sure they have read and write permissions) and see if that resolves the problem.

If not, as a test, try logging in to the uReserve Control Panel and then try adding a new resource. Let me know if you get any errors and/or if the resource shows up when you view the schedule display. That should help track down where the problem is.