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"Order reader is NOT working - HELP!"

Posted by William Corbett [cbt400@asresources.com] on at 08:12 PM
The order reader is not working. Never has been reliable.
If I get an order from an outside source, it says "There are no orders files to delete" on the review orders panel.
I can send a test email from the diagnostics page OK...The diagnostics find nothing wrong. This has to work! It's not very professional to call a customer and ask them what they ordered. I get the CC confirmation from linkpt ok...but no detail order info.
Data Directory = OK
Sendmail = Path OK
General Settings = OK
Affiliate Info = Does Not Exist
Affiliate Log File = Does Not Exist
Customer Log File = OK
Inventory Log File = OK
Coupon Data File = Does Not Exist
This is from http://www.cbt400.com

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"RE: Order reader is NOT working - HELP!"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 11:03 PM
Since you mention that the order files are not be created in your "data" directory... that means that your path to your "data" directory is incorrect. I would suggest using the full directory path when specifying configuration question #5 at the top of the ushop.pl script (the $data_directory).

Note: When I say "full directory path" I do not mean a URL beginning with "http" or "https". I mean an actual directory path such as:

$data_directory = "/www/youraccount/cgi-bin/data/";

Of course this path will be different on your server, so if you do not know how to access your directories via full directory paths, ask your web hosting provider.

"Order Reader is working now...THANKS!"
Posted by William Corbett [cobett@asresources.com] on at 11:55 PM
It was the path.

Very simple, IF you know what you're doing!

Thanks, Bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!