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"Order reader is NOT working - HELP!"

Posted by William A. Corbett [cbt400@asresources.com] on at 03:32 PM
The order reader is not working. Never has been reliable. If I go through and place an order myself, it appears to work.
If I get an order from an outside source, it says "There are no orders files to delete" on the

I can send a test email from the diagnostics page OK...The diagnostics find nothing wrong. This has to work! It's not very professional to call a customer and ask them what they ordered. I get the CC confirmation from linkpt ok...but no detail order info.

Data Directory = OK
Sendmail = Path OK
General Settings = OK
Affiliate Info = Does Not Exist
Affiliate Log File = Does Not Exist
Customer Log File = OK
Inventory Log File = OK
Coupon Data File = Does Not Exist

This is from http://www.cbt400.com


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"Order reader is NOT working - MORE"
Posted by William A. Corbett [cbt400@asresources.com] on at 04:03 PM
Cancel that...it doesn't even work when I enter the order.

I really need some help with this. I can write my own shopping cart, and I will if I have to, but I really don't have time and I've got yours!!

"RE: Order reader is NOT working - MORE"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 11:04 PM
Since you mention that the order files are not be created in your "data" directory... that means that your path to your "data" directory is incorrect. I would suggest using the full directory path when specifying configuration question #5 at the top of the ushop.pl script (the $data_directory).

Note: When I say "full directory path" I do not mean a URL beginning with "http" or "https". I mean an actual directory path such as:

$data_directory = "/www/youraccount/cgi-bin/data/";

Of course this path will be different on your server, so if you do not know how to access your directories via full directory paths, ask your web hosting provider.