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"Next week or Previous week does not work"

Posted by Mikey Farara [mfarara@hlscc.edu.vg] on at 10:44 AM
After clicking on either Next week or Previous week, I get the folling message..

Illegal Referrer Page

The referring page did not meet security requirements.

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Any ideas?

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"RE: Next week or Previous week does not work"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:39 AM
The first thing I would suggest is to make sure that configuration question #5 at the top of the uReserve script - the $script_url setting - is correct and does not have any typos in it.

If that setting is correct and yet you are still getting "Invalid Referrer" errors... then it may just be that your browser is not setting the HTTP_REFERRER environment variable on the server. If that is the case, then you can follow the steps below to disable the "referring page check"...since the referring page check is really just an extra security precaution anway and is not necessary since uReserve performs various other validations to make sure all user input is valid.


STEP 1: Make a backup of your current ureserve.pl script... just in case.

STEP 2: Open your ureserve.pl script with any text editor such as WordPad.

STEP 3: Do a search on the following line:

sub validate_referral_page

(This will get you to the start of the subroutine that validates the referring page URL.)

STEP 4: 7 lines down in that subroutine, you will see a line starting with:

&missing_input ....

Comment that line out by putting a pound (#) sign in front of it like this:

#&missing_input ....

STEP 5: Save the script... as TEXT if your editor asks... and try it out!