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"Restricting reservations viewing and more"

Posted by Ronald [love_dd@hotmail.com] on at 09:49 AM
I am thinking about purchasing your product, but I have several questions
1- is it possible to have a image with a text description for each resource along with being able to hyperlink the image to a url..
2- is it possible to limit viewing of the resources reservation information to only the owner of the resource, Admin, and the person who made the reservation.
I want to have it so that when i list a resource, the owner of the resource would get a email telling of the resevations, also give the owner of the resource the ability to delete and add reservations using a user admin panel, which would be apart from the main admin panel which would have limited functionality, or options for different levels of admin access based on a username, password combination
3- the ability to have resevation auto deleted after 5 days ( or any number of days at admin choosing)if the owner of the resource or admin does, not approve it within X number of days
4- the ability to have several reservations post on the same day at the same time with each showing as "PENDING" until the resource owner or admin approves one of the pending resevations making it the active reservation and which would lock out and delete the other pending resevations and email those who's resevations were deleted telling them that their resevations was not approved at this time.


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"RE: Restricting reservations viewing and more"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:42 AM
In regard to your questions:

1) Depending on the number/type of resources and where you want to display the image, there are a few options.... the easiest just being that you create a regular HTML page that serves as a resource index page. You can put whatever images/descriptions you want for each resource... and then just link them to the uReserve CGI script when they are ready to reserve the resource.

2) No, uReserve does not have different levels of admin access at this time.

3 & 4) No, uReserve does not have any Approval/Standby features at this time.