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"Customize "display_cart.html" and "Missing Input" pages"

Posted by Micky Thompson [micky@mickythompson.com] on at 02:58 PM
I am wishing to customize the display_cart.html and the "Missing Input" (page that displays when you fail to enter the required text of the Order Form) pages.

You can veiw the site at:


I wish to change these pages to have the fonts set to "Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"; text colors to #333333, and replace the #B3D9FF (light blue) color in the cart to #FFCC00 background of the table as you can see I did on the Order Form.

I scene where you informed another user that it could be customized in the uShopOrderButton.class but when I opened it using my Notepad and Dreamweaver HTML editor, I received a lot of unreadable text.

1. How do I edit the font, text color, table background color of the "display_cart.html" and "Missing Input" pages?

2. What program should I use to edit the ".class" files other than Notepad and an HTML editor?

Thank you for your assistance and I am highly impressed with uShop!

Micky Thompson

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"RE: Customize "display_cart.html" and "Missing Input" pages"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 09:46 PM
You don't actually edit the class files, but instead specify those options via your HTML.

To customize the fonts/colors of the HTML shopping cart (display_cart.html) page, you just need to specify the following parameters on the HTML of your uShopOrderButton applet:

< PARAM NAME="cart_font" VALUE="Verdana,Arial,Helvetica" >
< PARAM NAME="cart_font_color" VALUE="#000000" >
< PARAM NAME="cart_background_color" VALUE="#FFFFFF" >
< PARAM NAME="cart_title_color" VALUE="#B3D9FF" >
< PARAM NAME="cart_title_font_color" VALUE="#000000" >

See the uShopOrderButton reference pages in the uShop 3.0 Applet Reference:


... for more information about using/configuring those parameters via your HTML.

As for customizing the "Missing Input" page... that is actually controlled by the "missing_input" subroutine located in the ushop-lib.pl file. If you are familiar with Perl, you should be able to locate that subroutine and modify it as desired.

"Thanks! One more thing..."
Posted by Micky Thompson [micky@mickythompson.com] on at 08:33 PM
Thank you for the rapid response and great information.

One more thing I can't figure out is how do I change the background color of the top table on the Review Cart page where "Please take a moment to review..." is written.

http://www.actcertified.com/shoppingcart.html then press "Proceed to Checkout"

How do I set the color of that top table on the Review Cart as I did on the Order Form?

Thanks again for the great service.

Micky Thompson

"RE: Thanks! One more thing..."
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 01:12 PM
You're very welcome.

As for changing the color of the instruction box on that "display_cart" page.... you can do that by modifing the "template_cart.html" page which is located in your "classes" directory.

Near the top of that "template_cart.html" page you will see an "Instructions" area where the background color is set to:


So just change that value accordingly.

"Thank you..."
Posted by Micky Thompson [micky@mickythompson.com] on at 04:19 PM
Your solutions worked great!

Thank you for the great program and outstanding customer service!

Micky Thompson