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""If possible" questions before purchasing"

Posted by Bordy80 [sbordel1@email.mot.com] on at 12:21 PM
I'm very interested in purchasing the uReserve product, but before I do, I'm wondering if it will be able to do a few things for me, with some modifications. If you could just let me know if it will even be possible (and not extremely difficult) it would help me in making my discussion. Thanks

1) Is there a way to show only some resources at a time, based upon some user input, either on a webpage before, or in the perl script...
*** This I might be able to do if can create multiple copies of the program running at same time, storing to different data files? Is this possible?

2) Is it possible to have an email reminder when the reservation date comes up, if so, could a script be started and run along with that email?

3) Finally, would it be possible to reserve a resource for lets say 5 days at a time, and restricting the user from doing more than 5 days worth of time.??

Thanks for any help you can shed on this subject!

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"uReserve Mods"
Posted by Microburst Support Team [support@uburst.com] on at 07:30 PM
Currently, uReserve does not support different views of the calendar based on a variable passed to the script, however you **could** set up multiple copies of the script (that run independent of each other and have no knowledge of the calendar data between or across copies, using different data files). Also, this might be something our developers could customize for you. If you want a quote for this modification, e-mail support@uburst.com.

There is no e-mail reminder feature in uReserve at the present time, so this would be a customization too. Could you clarify (or give an example) what you mean by "could a script be started and run along with that email?"

Limiting a user from reserving a resource for more than x period of time is currently not a feature of uReserve.

E-mail us if you want a customization quote for any or all of the mods listed above.