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"Schedule two resources at once?"

Posted by Cyberg [cyberg@ix.netcom.com] on at 03:58 PM
I need to be able to schedule two resources off of the same form - a room and an instructor for that room. This will ensure that people are not making time mistakes when scheduling their instructor for a room. It also will allow the scheduling to be more streamlined and more efficient.

So, the obvious question... How can I change the booking form to allow me to schedule two resources from the drop down list at the same time?


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"RE: Schedule two resources at once?"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:43 AM
Unfortunately, there is no easy modification that can be made to the script in order to handle reserving two different resources from the same form... and actually, the modifications to do that would be quite involved.

As an alternative solution, can each instructor just be assigned to a single room? So that when someone reserves Room A, they always get Instructor A. If someone wants to have a session with Instructor B, then they need to reserve Room B. Etc...

I realize this would limit the ability to share rooms between multiple instructors, but there may be ways to get around that by installing multiple copies of uReserve based on how the insturctors schedule there time. For instance, if a room has a different instructor in the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening, then you could setup 3 copies of uReserve... one for scheduling morning sessions, one for scheduling afternoon sessions, and one for scheduling evening sessions.

Does this give you any ideas?