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"More information...."

Posted by Bruce Higgins [bhiggins@atex.com] on at 03:31 PM
I should also point out that the script is trying to be downloaded instead of being executed. I work on the server here so there is no ISP to contact (your instructions indicate to ask the host to provide EXECUTE rights). I believe I have done this but if you could explain the procedure it would be very helpful.


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"RE: More information...."
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:46 AM
Iím not really familiar with configuring NT servers, but perhaps this excerpt from someone else configuring an NT server will help:

"For those of us who run our own NT servers, you might consider adding this to your troubleshooting areaÖ... If the script tries to download (or is displayed) rather than ran. You say the directory may not be configured to run CGI scripts. And that is true, however the directory must have execute permission, but the site is what must be configured to execute scripts by mapping the perlis.dll to each site that will use it. At site root directory in IIS Console, properties, home directory tab, configuration, App Mappings tab, add. This is true for both IIS 4 on NT 4.0 and IIS5 on Windows 2000 beta."