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"Creating two user levels"

Posted by John gold [jgold@desktoppub.com] on at 03:30 PM
I would like to have general users be able to look at the resource schedule, but not be able to change it or even to see a link for changing it.

And I would like the administrator to be able to change the schedule, but not have to enter a password for every entry.

Is this possible?

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"RE: Creating two user levels"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:08 AM
There's not a configurable option to do that at this time... but it could be accomplished by:

STEP 1: Setting up two separate copies of the "ureserve.pl" script that share the same "data" directory.

STEP 2: Modifying the "display_week_graphical" subroutine in one of the scripts to remove the HTML links for adding/modifying reservations.

You could then link regular website visitors to the version of the ureserve script that had the reservation links removed.... While allowing just the ureserve administrator access the ureserve script that still has the reservation links.

If you need any assistance making the changes to the "display_week_graphical" subroutine, go ahead and submit a support request at:


.... and we'll be able to assist.

"2 user levels"
Posted by John Gold [jgold@desktoppub.com] on at 09:28 AM
This sounds great -- I'll give it a shot.