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"ureserve question"

Posted by Walter Cecchini [yma001@hotmail.com] on at 10:10 PM
Can the '?' character denoting a booking be longer than one character? For example, could it say 'reserved' ?



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"RE: ureserve question"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 07:05 AM
That '?' character is configured via the following configuration setting near the top of the ureserve.pl script:

$reserve_icon = '?';

You can actually change that to anything such as:

$reserve_icon = 'R';


$reserve_icon = 'Reserved';

But the only problem with putting in a long word like "Reserved"... is that it will stretch out the cells in the tables on the HTML display. Furthermore, once you start putting more than 1 or 2 characters in there, half-hour time slots seem to get stretched to look almost like full-hour time slots. This is really just a "feature" of how browsers size HTML tables... but if you do put more than a couple characters in there and the half-hour time slots do start getting stretched, then send us a support request at:


... And we can send you a version of the ureserve.pl script that allows you to specify a fixed width for the half-hour time slots... so that you can actually fine tune the table cell-size based on the number of characters you end up using for that $reserve_icon.