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"Evaluation questions"

Posted by Gary Varner [gvarner@stratosllc_dot_com] on at 09:23 AM
I'm evaluating your uTest software, and can't find another place to send this. Please forward to the right party if tech support isn't appropriate for these questions.

1. In your Space Demo, if you choose a correct answer, there is no verification at the bottom that it is correct. If you click "next question", however, "Correct!" shows at the bottom, but you're on the next question. Seems odd. If you select a wrong answer, the info shows immediately at the bottom. Seems like it should show "Correct!" while the screen still shows the questions that "Correct!" relates to!

2. Do you have any applet that addresses tracking a user's history in a web-based presentation and marks the page they stopped at (while retaining all history of visited pages for when they return to the site)?


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"RE: Evaluation questions"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:29 AM
Thanks for you interest in uTest. In regard to your questions:

1) If you want to use a layout similar to the "Space Demo" ( http://www.uburst.com/uTest/demo/space.html ) then here are a couple option that may resolve your concerns:

Option 1) Make the "Answer Status" window at the bottom look more like a "status area". That is, put graphics/HTML around the embedded frame so that it is more clear to the visitor that it is just showing the status message.

Option 2) And/or adjust the "correct_message" and "answer_explanation" parameters of the uTestNextButtons in order to change the text as you desire.

2) In regard to tracking where visitors left off on the test so that they can return to the test at a later time, unfortunately, uTest does not have an option to do that at this time. (Unless you develop a CGI/ASP script external to uTest to handle that.)