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"random questions"

Posted by richard [rpoteat@quicklearningschool.com] on at 02:27 PM
is there a way to create an applet that will present the user with a set of random questions from a specific user-defined directory or set of questions??

please let me know.


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"RE: random questions"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 04:17 AM
uTest does not have a built-in ability to create tests with random questions. That would have to be something you develop external to uTest.... typically using Perl, ASP or PHP to dynamically generate the random test HTML pages with the uTest applets on them.

"re: random questions"
Posted by richard [rpoteat@quicklearningschool.com] on at 10:17 PM
can you point me to a website, or reccommend any material to study that will show me how to do this? i'm trying to create a random test for the school where i work that will allow us to offer a computerized final for our students. by randomizing the questions (and limiting the test to a specific number of questions), i think i can insure that students will not be able to memorize the questions & tell a friend - if you can understand my reasoning.

thanks again,

"Dynamic Question Generation using uTest applets"
Posted by Microburst Support Team [support@uburst.com] on at 07:00 AM
Take a look at our support forum for uShop Database ideas. The concept can be applied to uTest applets as well! You can put your test questions in a database and dynamically populate uTest applets on your web pages.

Here is one of the postings in that forum, the inherent concept is the same for uTest applets as it would work for uShop applets:


"re: random questions"
Posted by richard [rpoteat@quicklearningschool.com] on at 02:38 PM
>>I've updated my uShop Database Interfacing >>Document with an example of using ASP to >>populate a uShop Input Applet from an ODBC >>connected database. Be aware that it is not >>tested very well, but should give you a good >>idea. Knowledge of Visual Basic or VBScript is >>helpful.
>>The document is available either from me or >>from Microburst. I'd display it here, but the >>forum swallows up HTML tags.

brian, could you please e-mail me this info, along with any tips on how to make this work with utest please?

any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


"re: random questions"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 04:44 AM
Developing such an application to read questions from your database and dynamically generate the test pages would require that you have some knowledge of Perl, ASP, or PHP programming - all of which are CGI-type programming languages that would allow you to create web pages on the fly.
There are a number of Perl, ASP, or PHP programming resources on the web.