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"Unable to see Next Week"

Posted by Bill Calkins [bcalkins@kishhospital.org] on at 11:09 AM
I am unable to see Next Week. I can go to this week and Previous week, but when I try to go to the next week, it hangs and runs the PC up to 100% usage. Is anyone else having this problem?

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"RE: Unable to see Next Week"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 12:10 PM
We looked into the problem and it appears that it is being caused by an inaccurate SECONDS_PER_YEAR constant in the script.

To correct it, please follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Make a backup of your current ureserve.pl script... just in case.

STEP 2: Open the ureserve.pl script with any text editor such as WordPad.

STEP 3: Do a search on the following line:

$SECONDS_PER_YEAR = 31622400;

STEP 4: Change that line to:

$SECONDS_PER_YEAR = 31557600;

STEP 5: Save the script (as TEXT if your editor asks)... and try it out!

On a side note, that problem will probably "magically" fix itself around 6:00 pm on Jan 1,2002.... but since the same downtime would occur next year, you should probably go ahead and make the above correction anyway.

We'll also try to release an official fix and list it on the updates page:

... within a week.

Thank you for bringing that to our attention.

"Thanks for the Great Response"
Posted by Bill Calkins [bcalkins@kishhospital.org] on at 09:02 AM
I really appreciate the great response.