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"Linkpoint jumps quickly"

Posted by M Ulm [monteulm@hotmail.com] on at 11:00 AM
During credit card checks Linkpoint's screen shows for just an instant then back to the ushop screen. The customer doesn't have time to see what linkpoint has to say. Is this normal? I'm in test mode at linkpoint.

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Posted by M Ulm [monteulm@hotmail.com] on at 06:12 PM
I see that jumping back to ushop automatically is an option of the setup of Linkpoint.

"RE: automatic"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:27 AM
Refer to the following reference page for assistance configuring the uShop - LinkPoint interface:


"RE: automatic"
Posted by M Ulm [monteulm@hotmail.com] on at 09:08 AM
In the instructions "Configuring LinkPoint's Merchant Account Form" it says to check the automatic under the "Sorry" Page URL. The ushop sorry page say to click the back button. This sends you to linkpoint which sends you right back to the ushop page which says to do it again.
I think it works better not using the automatic feature on the sorry page. Linkpoint gives them the option to try again. This sends you back to the credit card input page. Which You have to hit refresh to see. This seems better but not perfect. I also think when a order is successfull you should add the clear cart feature to your Thank You Page.
Thanks again for great support

"RE: automatic"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:36 AM
Ok, it sounds like you got it working then?