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"uShopOrderButton.class loads correct - but nothing happens..."

Posted by ralf schwab [ralf.schwab@friseurversand.com] on at 03:53 AM
I have upgraded my 3.40 Ushop (English Version)
to 3.50 without problems.
But now, i try to upgrade my German Version also,
and i have a big problem.
First: every thing works correct (put items in
cart - view large cart...), but if i want to start
the order process by clicking on the
uShopOrderButton.class - Picture (which loads
correct) - nothing happens.
I dont know what i have done, all the codebase
parameters are correct, all the .class files
are updated correct, also the display_cart.html.
What have i done wrong ?
I think also the ushop.cgi and lib... and language... is configured correct ?!?
The script URL (ushop.CGI) is:
The shop (German) is located at:

Thanks in advantage
best regards

schwab ralf

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"RE: uShopOrderButton.class loads correct - but nothing happens..."
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:17 AM
I went to the German site at http://www.friseurversand.com/shop/html/index.php and noticed two problems:

1) The applets on your HTML pages uses the codebase:


while the uShopJSI applet on your "display_cart.html" page uses the codebase:


Note the "classesd" and "classese" difference. Those should be the same... and more than likely is your problem.

2) The other problem that I see... is when when trying to go to the second "display_cart2.html" page at.... I kept get automatically transferred to the first "display_cart.html" page.

That is, when trying to verify the CODEBASE setting on your display_cart pages, I used my browser to go to the following URLS:


The first URL worked fine and I was able to see the problem described in 1 above.

Upon typing in the second URL (display_cart2.html), I was automatically transferred/linked back to the first URL (display_cart.html). That should not be occurring and may cause a problem later. But in any case, the correct the codebase difference described in 1 above ... and we'll how far that gets you.

Posted by ralf schwab [ralf.schwab@friseurversand.com] on at 01:47 PM
HI Bill,

thank you (again) i have found the mistake.
I solved the problem with copying the display_
cart2.html to my website and renamed it in
Now it works perfect.
The wrong codebase causes on my site no errors,
i will change it in the correct form next time.

Thank you for the great service,
have a nice day
(in Germany is now evening)

with best regards

schwab ralf