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"Problem with clearing affiliate log..."

Posted by Matt [matt@websystemz.com] on at 10:31 AM
As posted earlier in this forum, someone else mentioned problems clearing the affiliate log. I too, am having problems clearing the affiliate log!

Is uBurst working on a fix for this? (*NOTE: in THIS release, not to be included in the next release?)

Thanks in advance!

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"Also.... another question"
Posted by Matt [matt@websystemz.com] on at 11:25 AM
Also, isn't there a way for an affiliate to login to see what sales they have accumulated? I thought I read somewhere there was something stated about having this already or making this available? (Nothing in the developer page either)

As for the order reader, is this configurable for this to work too?

Thanks again,

"Nevermind... found it...."
Posted by Matt [matt@websystemz.com] on at 10:24 PM
Nevermind... found it....

But STILL need to find out about CLEARING affiliate log?? What's the deal with that??

"RE: Nevermind... found it...."
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:16 AM
You can clear the affiliate log from the control panel under "Affiliate Tracking - Clear Log".

Is that not working for you?

"Sure isn't"
Posted by Matt [matt@websystemz.com] on at 10:47 AM

I tried clearing the log from the affiliate control section, Clear Log, where it asks for the date in the format of MM/DD/YY.

I enter the date, and there is nothing that happens, I have to manually FTP into the directory and delete the log.

There was another post in here somewhere that someone else had the same issue. I didn't see anything about it though, so I decided to post my problem too...

Please advise.


"RE: Sure isn't"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:10 AM
Ok, what I believe is happening is that when we updated the order date format to have a 4-digit year, the date format in the affiliate log also got updated, but the logic in the affiliate clear method was not updated. So here is a way to correct that:

STEP 1: Make a backup of your ushop-lib.pl script... just in case.

STEP 2: Open your ushop-lib.pl script with any text editor such as WordPad.

STEP 3: Do a search on the following line:

$clear_year += 100;

STEP 4: Change that line to:

$clear_year += 2000;

STEP 5: Save the script... as TEXT if your editor asks... and try it out!

"Works Beautifully now!"
Posted by Matt [matt@websystemz.com] on at 09:34 AM
Thank Bill... seems to work just perfect now! Almost ready to roll out the store now, just tedious database work now!

Thanks again to the support team - KUDOS~


"here's the other reference to problem"
Posted by Matt [matt@websystemz.com] on at 12:03 PM