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"Problem with placing order."

Posted by Roger [sales@hmint.com] on at 05:53 PM
I use ushop v3.46. Recently I have been receiving a lot of complaints by customers using a PC and IE 5 or 6, saying they can't place orders online. One such complaint:

Start Quote:
After selecting a product to order, adding it to the shopping cart, and starting the order process, I got the following error:


I believe this error occurs because of some problem at your site and is not an error in my browser; I received this error message because, as a programmer, I have error-checking turned on, so all Java and JavaScript errors trigger error messages. You may want to look into this, because it probably loses sales for you.
Thank you.
End Quote.

Note that the file uShopLibraryJSI.class is in the classes directory on my server.

Another complaint:
Start Quote:
I am having difficulty placing an order at your web site. I put two items
into my shopping cart (Qty. 2 of the U03-4 Mesh caps for the U03V
Nebulizer). When I press the place order button and then the 'Begin Order
Process' button I go to the following URL which says 'Please wait...' and
never continues on to anything else.

End Quote.


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Posted by Roger [sales@hmint.com] on at 05:57 PM
Further to my post, please note that the site is at www.hmint.com.

"RE: Addendum"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 04:39 AM
I took a brief look at your site and everything looks like it is configured correctly.

Have you been able to duplicate the problems?

Also, do you know what browser versions and operating systems they were using?