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""Quantity" field issue"

Posted by Robert Gram [robertgram@flowtronex.com] on at 11:28 AM
Two questions:
If users enter more digits than the Shopping Cart's Quantity column is set for the math goes crazy. To see this behavior go to http://www.flowtronexparts.com/html/electricalcircuitbreakers.htm and enter more than four digits (say, eight) in the 1st item's Quantity field. Then go to the Shopping Cart and see that the total is not correct.
Why can't limit (like with a standard HTML text field) the number of digits the text field will allow?

Another question - In the same Add To Cart function why does the "Added to cart" pop-up dialog window have "Warning: applet window" in the lower left corner?

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"RE: "Quantity" field issue"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:32 AM
FYI: The problem you are seeing with the total is due to a known problem with formatting the price when the prices get into exponential figures (extremely high prices). The priority on that fix is low as it is not practicle that people will be placing orders upwards of $1 billion in the shopping cart.

Anyway, as for limiting the number of digits that a customer can enter in the quantity field... I'll add your request to our future feature wish list... and maybe we'll get a max digits or max quantity check implemented for a future release. In the mean time, if you are really concerned with users entering more than 5 or 6 digit quantities, maybe just use one of the applets that allow quantity selection lists.... or just use the uShop JavaScript API to create your own HTML components that do limit the quantity field.

In regard to the "Warning: Applet Window" message on the popup window, that is something that Java does and there is no way to avoid that.... unless you again go to the JavaScript API and create a JavaScript that utilized the JavaScript alert() method to create the popup. JavaScript alert() windows will not show that warning.