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"After display_cart.html appears ushop.pl login screen"

Posted by schwab ralf [schwab.ralf@friseurversand.de] on at 04:00 AM

since 3 Days i have an error on my shopping-site.
Every thing works fine (put, start
order process - ushop_order_button - and display
the cart again.
BUT THEN, normally the customer recieves the
fill in adress screen, the ushop.pl login screen
appears !!!
Not everytime, sometimes i can see the next step
- fill in adress - and latest then, the ushop.pl
login screen appears...
What can this be ??
I have changed nothing in the Ushop-Directories.
Is it possible that the webmaster have changed
anything ?

thanks in advance

schwab ralf

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"RE: After display_cart.html appears ushop.pl login screen"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:41 AM
It sounds like something may have changed on the server. If you give me the URL, I'll take a look and see if I recognize the problem.

"A Suggestion for uBurst"
Posted by Brian Levine [blevine@cfl.rr.com] on at 09:17 AM
As the good folks at uBurst explained to me, this happens when control returns to the ushop.pl script with an unknown command.

Bill, it might be a good idea to provide a debug version of ushop.pl that displays $command at the top of the login page.

Posted by schwab ralf [schwab.ralf@friseurversand.de] on at 10:19 AM

as i see, they have changed the server apache
version from 1.2.5 SUSE to 1.3.3.
The site is located at:
Is it possible that there is a problem with
the sendmail - because i have on this site
the so called APACHE GUARDIAN installed, which
informs me via email when a error occours (not existing
html page call or server error).
Since the same point of time i recieve also no
error emails (regular i recieve about 50 email
a day).
Another point is, that i cannot access the ushop.pl
If i enter the correct password, ushop.pl asks
me again and again for the password....
Thanks in advance for help

with best regards

schwab ralf

"correct web adress"
Posted by schwab ralf [schwab.ralf@friseurversand.de] on at 01:11 PM
hi there again,

i have made a redirection from our "broken" site
to a site on another server where every thing
works fine.
So, if you want to go to the site with the
ushop.pl error use the following link:
If you go straight to www.friseurversand.de
you will be forwarded to www.friseurversand.com !

Best regards

schwab ralf

"login panel during order process"
Posted by Microburst Support [support@uburst.com] on at 05:58 AM
Your ISP has sent us some very detailed info regarding your server configuration and specific error details that we are using to troubleshoot this.

We will post the resolution here when we figure this out.

"I get that error sometimes, too"
Posted by Nancy [submit@wonderviewwebs.com] on at 02:19 PM
This is not reproducible. I have seen this error and just grit my teeth that customers do not get it.

"mod_perl / suexec"
Posted by Microburst Support Team [support@uburst.com] on at 05:52 AM
With the help of one ISP we were able to eliminate this problem entirely by having him rename the uShop .pl scripts to .cgi

**NOTE: This required renaming the 3 ushop Perl scripts to be .cgi files, and then editing the ushop.pl (renamed to ushop.cgi) near the top, where it links in the other two perl libraries, to specify those files with .cgi extensions too. He had to change his answers to Questions #4, #11 & #12 to reflect the file name changes. One additional change was on the .html page where he invoked the uShopOrderButton applet - this applet specifies a parameter of the uShop perl script which required the new extension name.

The reason that this fixed the problem, as we were told, is that, by default, all cgi programs run by suexec (from your ftp account username). But .pl files run under the apache username (if mod_perl support is ON for your site).

There are 2 ways to solve that:
1. Rename .pl to .cgi
2. To take off the mod_perl support.