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"password protection order"

Posted by Christian [info@fairzone.de] on at 07:36 AM
Is it possible to protect by password a payment method of order.
When I press the payment button of the order form a site shut be open with a java script protection. No problem. I will use the bank_template.html.
But I need only the continue button of the site to place the order. When I delete the bank form of the site I have the problem after press the continiue botton "missing information". I thing I must modify the ushop_lib.pl. But why.

Or ist there another way?

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"RE: password protection order"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:54 AM
I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to do. Could you provide some more details of how you want the order process to work and where you want the "payment password" to appear.

In regard to your other question, if you configure uShop to use the "Payment By Bank Option", then uShop will try to load the "bank_template.html" file when you press the "payment by bank" button. If you just want the "bank_template.html" file to show a "Continue" button without any fields... but you are getting a "Missing Input" message stating that you need to enter the "Bank name", "Bank Code", etc.... they you could try specifying those fields on the "bank_template.html" file as "hidden" fields... such as: