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"Need to add a field in creditcard_template for V code"

Posted by Jill [mail@mountainvalleycenter.com] on at 01:07 PM
Our credit card processor now requires the V code for MC and Visa. I went to creditcard_template and attempted to add a new field by copying the cc_expiration and pasting it into a new row, then re-naming it with the valid field name of cc_issue.(as noted in the manual). When I publish, I can enter the numbers but the form will not process. When I remove the "new" field, the form will process to its completion.
I am obviously missing an important step somewhere! I have returned my site to the old version so folks can order from us. Could/would you run me through a step by step for creating a new field (I don't care what it's name is) as long as a customer can imput 3 numbers that will show up on our Secure Order form.
My toll free phone number is 888-773-2491 incase you can tell me easily over the phone. The timing is critical, as my husband set up this new credit card system before telling me I had to change the form! that's the way it is sometimes! HA!

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"RE: Need to add a field in creditcard_template for V code"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:34 AM
As you mentioned, customizing the creditcard_template.html file is described in Section 9.2 of the User's Guide:


... And there's really not much more to it. Just add a text field named "cc_issue" and that should do it.

Perhaps it has something to do with the HTML editor that you are using? Maybe try using a text editor instead.

In any case, I'll email you the default "creditcard_template.html" file that is included with the UK version of uShop... because that template already has the "cc_issue" field on it.

"Belated Thank You"
Posted by Jill [mail@mountainvalleycenter.com] on at 10:56 AM
Thank you for the template. It worked with no problems!

And a special thank you for the great support offered by you and your colleagues. I wish all the companies I interact with were as helpful, prompt, supportive and wonderful as you. Other web companies and services could learn a valuable lesson from you.
Thanks again
Dr. Jill Henry