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Posted by rich [rpoteat@quicklearningschool.com] on at 09:20 PM
i'm having a problem with utest, and am hopeing you can help.

in utest, how can you get answers in the answer sheet applet (in this case, the multiple-chioce applet) to word wrap? i've tried everything i can think of, but i still have the answer apperaing on 2 lines with a select box on each.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


if possible, please e-mail me as well, as i cannot always get web access when i'm working on my current utest project.

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"RE: wordwrap"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 07:03 AM
Are you referring to the HTML pages with the applets on them ... or the actual answer sheet?

If you are referring to long multiple choice questions/answers on the HTML test pages, then remember that you can use regular HTML to put long questions/answers on the page... and then just use the uTest multiple choice applets to collect the user's input.

For example, you could use regular HTML to put a question like this on the page:

Which one of these long answers is true?
A. This is a very, very long answer.
B. And here is another very, very long answer.
C. And here is yet another very, very long answer.

Then you could add a uTest applet to just get the user's A, B, or C selection, such as:

Select answer:

< APPLET CODE="uTestAnswer3.class" CODEBASE="../classes/" WIDTH=270 HEIGHT=30 >
< PARAM NAME="number" VALUE="1" >
< PARAM NAME="options" VALUE="A,B,C" >
< PARAM NAME="first_letter_only" VALUE="YES" >
< PARAM NAME="points" VALUE="5" >

or maybe:

< APPLET CODE="uTestAnswer7.class" CODEBASE="../classes/" WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=30 >
< PARAM NAME="number" VALUE="1" >
< PARAM NAME="label" VALUE="Select Answer:" >
< PARAM NAME="options" VALUE="A,B,C" >
< PARAM NAME="points" VALUE="5" >

Or if you are referring to the display of answers on the actual answer sheet, then for long multiple-choice answers, you can just set the "first_letter_only" parameter of the applets to "YES":

< PARAM NAME="first_letter_only" VALUE="YES" >

... so that only the letter of the selected answer is shown on the answer sheet.

Otherwise, you can try adjusting some of the "Answer Sheet Appearance" parameters of your uTest FinishButton applet... as described in the uTest Applet Reference:


The "num_columns" parameter in particular could be set to 1 such that each answer has it's own line on the answer sheet:

< PARAM NAME="num_columns" VALUE="1" >

Or as a final option, you could try adjusting the "answer_sheet_template.html" template such that the allowed width of the page is greater than the default "600".