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"Duplicated orders"

Posted by Leone [bd@bluediamond.com.au] on at 08:09 PM
We have just recently started getting duplicated orders that come in a few days later with EXACTLY the same order number. All the details are the same and the ushop cart doesnt recognise it as having already been deleted off the system. (we delete each order as we go - very carefully)

I thought this sort of thing was impossible?

Can someone please advise what is going on?


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"RE: Duplicated orders"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 05:42 AM
What version of uShop are you using?

"duplicated orders"
Posted by Leone [bd@bluediamond.com.au] on at 00:09 AM
I am using Ushop 2.04

"dup'd orders"
Posted by Leone [bd@bluediamond.com.au] on at 00:15 AM
I should also mention that we have been using this cart since 1998 and have never had duplicated orders until very recently.



"RE: dup'd orders"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:36 AM

Duplicate orders could occur back in uShop 2.x if the customer bookmarked the "Thank You" page and then returned to the "Thank You" page at a later time. If you find that many people are booking the "Thank You" page, then it is recommended that you utilize the "thankyou_url" parameter of the uShopOrderCGI applet in order to link customers to your own custom "Thank you" page.