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"General Questions"

Posted by Onestop [sales@videocasesplus.com] on at 08:46 PM
I have been running a Ushop system for well over a year now. For the most part it has worked out very well. However, as my business has increased so are the number of problems customers encounter.

These are hit and miss problems as I receive a lot of orders on a regular basis. However, as the number of complaints have grown I have had to add a "manual" (regular form mail) order form for those who customers who can't get your software to work. This obviously, is not an ideal solution.

I really need help to work on some of the problems. I have checked your online help and troubleshooting areas and don't find quite what I am looking for as they are more geered to overall general problems not specific ones that I have.

I know that MAC, Webtv and NT users experience the most problems. I realize that they are a very low % of the customer base so I am not as concerned as with regular PC users using MSIE or Netscape who also experience difficulties.

These are some of the common problems that customers have been reporting. (as I said these are only for some users)

The first one being that when clicking the "add" button the items are not always added to the cart.

Second, the cart contents do not go over to the secure order form even if they show up in the cart on the regular server.

Third, the scripts won't load on the secure page(applet areas remain grey). Sometimes when the customer leaves the page and comes back to it this happens as well.

Due to the fact that most users have no problems with the order process it would appear to be that perhaps the customers advanced browser internet options may need to be tweeked. Can you provide me an idea of what specific options have to be turned on (eg. Java scripts etc.)for the software to work. I would like to be able to post a online help feature for those specific customers if possible.

Also, e-mail confirmations for the most part are sent out fine but I am receiving at least two orders a day that go do not send out the confirmations. I have checked with our secure service provider and they have took a quick look at your scripts and have this to say .....On line 58 of the script, the sendmail location on our Unix servers works best with the "-t" appendage to the command. Likewise, and for whatever it's worth (probably nothing), all our working scripts use the single quote ( ' ) rather than the double quote ( " ) to enclose commands. Copied from a different and known-to-be-working script, the sendmail command is as follows:

'/bin/sendmail -t';

Do you know if this will help correct this problem? It is hard to do a live test as my site is very active all the time. So if this isn't a factor please let me know.

I would very much to hear your comments asap.

Thanks in advance,

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"RE: General Questions"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 09:53 PM

1) In regard to "when clicking the "add" button the items are not always added to the cart."

That would relate to one of two things:

a) The customer using is an IE browser on a Macintosh system. Macintosh users must use Netscape.

b) Or your codebase setting is wrong and/or inconsistent. Read http://www.uburst.com/uShop/codebase.html and if that doesn't resolve the problem, give me the URL and I will check it out for you.

2) In regard to "cart contents do not go over to the secure order", are you using the older version of uShop? uShop 2.x? If so, read http://www.uburst.com/uShop/reference2/security.html for instructions on how to use the uShop 2.x uShopOrderButtonCGI applet. This problem is not applicable to uShop 3.x and later.

3) In regard to "the scripts won't load on the secure page(applet areas remain grey)", ok, you're definitely using the older version of uShop. Try just putting the Order applet on the secure page... don't put both the cart applet and the order applet on the same page. This problem is not applicable to uShop 3.x and later.

4) In regard to not always getting the email notification of an order... that sounds like a possible server load problem to me ... but if you want to add the "-t" option to sendmail, you could try.

"General Questions(2)"
Posted by Onestop [sales@videocasesplus.com] on at 02:19 PM
Web Site http://www.videocasesplus.com

So if am reading this right I have to go in and specify a codebase on each item (yuck). I don't believe this was mentioned when I originally purchased the software. I think I may have the original version 2.0

I will take a look at your recommendations but in the meantime if you could take a look at my site to see if there is any other quickly identifiable problems let me know.

Much Appreciated

"RE: General Questions(2)"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 09:06 PM

Ok, since you're using uShop 2.x and all of your class files are located in the same directory as your HTML pages... .you do not need to specify the codebase for each of your applets (they will default to codebase="./").

What is going to cause a problem, however, is that on your "order.template" page, you have the following parameter:

< PARAM NAME=data VALUE="" >

You need to remove that "data" parameter from your "order.template". The "data" parameter will automatically get added by the ushop_cgiscript... and should NOT be hardcoded onto your page. So go ahead and remove that "data" parameter from your "order.template" page and that should resolve the problem on why the shopping cart on your order form page is empty for some people.