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"US only"

Posted by Norma Scott [scott@thesteelsource.com] on at 06:27 PM
We accept US orders only and keep getting people from other countries ordering. How do I take the "Country" field off the order template? Maybe then they'll get the hint.
By the way, Ushop has been working great for us for a couple years.
Check it out at www.thesteelsource.com and pat yourselves on the back. The support has been terrific.

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"RE: US only"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 08:23 PM
You can remove the "Country" field entirely from the order_template.html (located in your "data" directory) by simply doing a search on "billing_country" to locate the section of the order form where the "country" field is... and then just delete that section. You'll probably also need to do a search on "shipping_country" to locate the section on the order form where the "shipping country" field is... and delete that section too.

Note: If you do delete these fields, you might also want to check on the uShop Control Panel... under GENERAL SETTINGS - ORDER FORM... that the country fields aren't listed as "REQUIRED" fields.

Note 2: As an alternative option to deleting the "country" fields entirely from the order form, you could change the field to a drop-down list. And only leave "United States" in the list so that they get the idea that way. To make that field a drop-down list, check out the 10/24/2000 posting at:


... for an example order_template.html file with drop-down state/country fields.

Note 3: Thanks for the nice compliments! :^)

Posted by Norma Scott [scott@thesteelsource.com] on at 07:18 PM
Perfect!! I downloaded the template with the drop-down field, deleted all countries except US and Canada, even deleted "other" in the state field. Uploaded it, tested it, bingo! Done deal! Easy to do.
Great advice, as usual. Now back to my website maintenance....

"RE: Done!"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 06:05 AM
Great! Glad to hear that worked out for you :^)