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"question about applet refreshing"

Posted by Cory [coma_graphics@onebox.com] on at 04:21 AM

I have noticed that when goinging from one question to the next, using the uTestAnswer2.class applet, sometimes the full content of the applet is not displayed.

If I set up 3 questions in the parameters, sometimes I get option one and two but not three, sometimes I get all three choices but they are cut off on the right side. Sometimes, it only loads the little "radio" buttons and no text. The size of the applet is big enough to hold the text and the codebase parameters are correct because they do show up, but only after hittinf refresh on the page.

In all of these scenarios, I hit "refresh" on the browser ( Internet explorer 5.5 and 6.0) and when the page reloads everything is fine.

The background color for this is set to white and the text is black.

-- It's almost like they are not loading completely of fast enough and I though it might be my internet connection but then I tried them locally on home machine without using the dialup connection and they did they same thing...

I don't mind hitting refresh now and then, but when finally get this up and running for other users, they may not be aware that they need to do that if all the answers don't show up from one question to the next.

I am using the "space demo" type layout, with the parent frame holding the the two other frames.

Any ideas or pointers to a setting I am missing?


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"RE: question about applet refreshing"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 04:51 AM
It sounds like you may have the uTest applets located in HTML TABLES on your web pages? That is, sometimes IE browsers will not properly size applets if they are located within HTML tables.... so to resolve that problem, whenever you put applets in HTML tables, you should manually specify the WIDTH of the table cell in which the applet is located.

For example, instead of leaving the TABLE cell like this:

< TD >
< APPLET ....
< /TD >

Specify a WIDTH for that cell such that the WIDTH is greater than the WIDTH of the applet:

< TD WIDTH=300 >
< APPLET ....
< /TD >

So double-check that ... and if you are still experiencing the problem, give me the URL and I will take a look at it.