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"No CC fields in Notification E-mail"

Posted by Joe [joe@rinternet.com] on at 06:46 PM
Everything works fine, Orders are processed and e-mailed, but in the e-mail no credit card info comes through no:# no:exp date no:card type
please help

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"CC info"
Posted by Charlie Edmunds [cedmunds@uburst.com] on at 09:03 AM

By default, the setting that sends CC information during order notification is set to "no". This is setting 9 in the cgi script. The reason for this is that the notification is not secure. Typically the secure order reader applet is used after notification to get the CC information.

This is info about secure transactions from our reference site:


If you want to to send the CC info with the notification (despite it being un-secure) then simply set question # 9 in the cgi script to "yes".

Charlie Edmunds

"Don't Do It!"
Posted by Chris [webmaster@thomaslabs.com] on at 07:58 PM
You do not want that info sent by e-mail, you will be held responsible if that info falls into the wrong hands. The only way you should do it is if you state their cc info will be transfer by a unsecure method, placing it on your pages. I had a friend who is now paying for the rest of his life becouse of a court decision, in which he had payment info going into his email and it got stolen. Protect your customers, Please Don't Do It!

"RE: Don't Do It!"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 09:11 PM
I agree... and that is why in uShop 3.x we do NOT even provide the option to allow the credit card information to be included on emails.

Again, see the uShop 3.x security page to find out about using the uShop Order Reader utility:


... to securely read the credit card information.