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"DM / Euro Conversion"

Posted by Thomas Marks [marks@firmenweb.de] on at 00:56 AM

Problem : change the pricing from DM to Euro.

We need a cart appelt calculating the price from
EURO to DM.(German version)

Cart should show:

First line : Gesamtpreis EURO (no problem : pricing in EURO / money_sign EURO)
Second line : DM = ???? (problem!!)

Thomas Marks

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"RE: DM / Euro Conversion"
Posted by Joseph Pishgar [support@uburst.com] on at 03:54 PM
Hello Thomas,

Please refer to-



For information on including the EURO rate with DM rate. I don't believe the conversion occurs automatically, although. Hope this helps.

Joseph Pishgar
Support Engineer
Microburst Technologies, Inc.

"DM/Euro Conversion"
Posted by Thomas Marks [marks@firmenweb.de] on at 01:40 AM

thanks for your answer.
Thats what we already did(V2.0/ger).
But our problem is not solved, because
adding and converting works.
The Problem is the description of the
converted currency (DM not! EURO)

Cart example:

Gesamtpreis = EURO 10.00
EURO = 19.61

so EURO = 19.61 can not be replaced by
DM = 19.61

Hope you understand what we mean