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"NT CGI Setup Wizard"

Posted by Claudio [cfgoz78@hotmail.com] on at 00:26 AM
Ushop version 2
Thankyou for ‘resuscitate’ my licence no. I intended to start afresh with my cgi problem so I decided to create a new cgiscript. I use the ‘NT CGI Setup Wizard’. I followed the few steps (as I have done in the past) and I got the ’successful…’ message. I then proceeded with the downloading (click here). I saved (Save the file on your local computer with the name ushop_cgiscript.pl). I took suspiciously short time to download, only 160 bytes were downloaded i.e. the few lines of html code as listed below. Of course I tried again and I had the same result. Is ver. 2 wizard still operational? And if yes were did I go wrong?
Many Tanks Claudio G.

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"RE: NT CGI Setup Wizard"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 07:52 AM
It sounds like your browser tried executing the script before downloading it. Maybe try:

1) Right-clicking on the file in order to save it.

2) Or possibly use a different browser.

I just tested it out with a Netscape 4.7x browser and it appeared to work fine.... but we'll check it over with some other browsers just to make sure.