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"Validating fields in orderforms"

Posted by Ben Muis [bmuis@topactif.com] on at 03:50 AM
One of my clients is using the updated (downloaded 29/4/01) version 2. We have integrated it etc.

The one thing that we cannot find anything about in your documentation is form field validation.

How do we ensure that someone does not just submit a form that clearly has not been filled out seriously?

With html forms we are fine doing this, but with Java....?

Thanks and regards,
Ben Muis

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"RE: Validating fields in orderforms"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 10:28 PM
In the older version of uShop.... uShop 2.x... you can use the "uShopOrderCustomCGI" order applet and when specifying the field labels, any field label that is preceeded by an asterisk (*) ... will be treated as a required field. See the uShop 2.x applet reference page for that applet for more information.