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"ushop order 1 SMTP"

Posted by BALI [bali@baleares-news.com] on at 02:41 PM
I've setup my cart using the ushoporder1SMYP_sp.class (for normal email processind, it processses the order OK, BUT I don't get anything in my email account (The mailto: adress is ok).


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"SMTP applet"
Posted by Charlie Edmunds [chrissy@home.com] on at 04:41 PM

We recommend that you do not use the SMTP applets. The cgi script is much more reliable and consistently installable.

This is a paragraph out of our reference site.

We have provided a series of uShopOrderSMTP applets with uShop that do not require the use of any CGI script. These applets, however, send the orders via regular SMTP mail so orders placed with these SMTP applets are not necessarily secure. To ensure secure transactions you should use the uShopOrderCGI applets in correlation with the ushop_cgiscript and the uShopOrderReaderCGI applet. We thought about not including these SMTP order applets with uShop, however, they can come in handy if you just wanted to give customers a way to contact you or give them other options besides payment by credit card (e.g. payment by check, money order, or a previously configured account).

Chalrie Edmunds