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"Disappearing orders "

Posted by john rupert [comfort@4heatac.com] on at 10:48 AM
I have had the error twice so far( out of about 50 orders), two separate customers have placed an order, they received an email receipt WITH a ushop generated order number, but I have not received notification of the order, no order was in the order reader and no payment was processed through Authroize.,net ?? Any suggestion on what I might look for. I am using ushop v3.4 Site is www.4heatac.com

All other orders worked fine.

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"RE: Disappearing orders"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 09:52 PM
uShop will not send an email receipt unless an order file is successfully created.


1) Do you have any old versions of uShop on your server that some customers may still be linking to?

2) Can you get an actual copy of the email receipt that the customers received?