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"Netscape Problem"

Posted by Randy Walsh [walsh08@swbell.net] on at 02:32 AM
When using Netscape 6.0 you can not get past the review cart screen. Click on continue and it tries to do something but then stops. No error messages. Everything works great in IE. This is the best shopping cart. I convinced my client to switch from Mercantec to uShop and he is much happier with the functionality of his shopping cart. Thanks for the help.



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"RE: Netscape Problem"
Posted by Bill Weiner on at 09:59 PM
I tried out your site with Netscape 6.0 and saw the problem you described.

Now, as you can see by trying out our uShop demo at:


.... Netscape 6.0 does work fine with uShop... So what is causing your site to not work with Netscape 6.0?

I took a brief look at your pages in order to see if I could spot the problem... and other than a few JavaScript errors, I couldn't really see what would be causing the problem. I would suggest looking over your order process pages ... like your display_cart.html, template_cart.html and place order pages ... in order to try to narrow down the problem... perhaps by comparing it them with our demo.

And if you still don't spot the problem, let me know and I will take another look at your site.

"Netscape 6.0/6.01"
Posted by Randy Walsh [walsh08@swbell.net] on at 07:10 PM
I discovered that the problem was not with uShop but is a Netscape problem. This is the fix that allows Netscape to connect to secure servers.

Some secure (https) web sites are not TLS compatible. TLS is the new version of SSL. If you are having trouble reaching a particular secure web site, try turning off TLS for that site:
Open the Tasks menu, choose Privacy and Security, and then choose Security Manager.
Click the Advanced tab.
Click Options.
Turn off TLS.

Randy Walsh